Back in the day I was the stroke on our boat, and I remember the tension as you tried to stay focused on the first ten strokes of the race as well as make adjustments to the boat to stay straight while lining up prior to the start of the race all the while waiting for the judge to scream “Et vous pret, partez!”  over the bull horn. You could feel the tension.

The years I was involved in Stuart crew (’76 – ’79) were transitional. It was back when we rowed at Potomac Boat Club underneath the Key Bridge. That’s a beautiful boat house with over 150 yrs of history. More importantly my second or third year rowing was the first year women were allowed to join the team but they were only allowed to be coxswains. Two brave souls joined that year. The next year was the first year they had a women’s team. They had a lot to overcome because all the other local teams had women’s boats for some time. Stuart was one of the last of the high school teams to create a women’s program. So they had tough competition in the beginning.

—Mike C.
Stuart oarsman from 1976 to 1979
Stroke of the Men’s LW 8


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