What a great day on the water!

Thanks for joining the Stuart Crew Team on Sunday, September 25 for our annual Open House event at Lake Barcroft. We welcomed 14 prospective rowers and were excited to see rowers from our Learn To Row program in August for another spin on the water. 

This event was made possible through all the hands that came together. Cheers to our early risers for derigging and loading boats in record time, giving Coach Mike ample time to haul the trailered shells up from the Occoquan. With many hands, the rowers unloaded and rerigged with so much time to spare, they could take the 8 out for a few laps before the event officially started. For hours, the team introduced a steady stream of new rowers to the ergs, provided instruction, and shared the sport of rowing, After a very full day, the event closed with Coach Mike congratulating the leaders of the Summer Fitness Challenge: Erin, Mackenzie, Markus, Pasha, Sam H., and Vince.

Thanks to all the returning rowers, coaches, and parents for engaging with new rowers, sharing experiences with new parents, providing leadership on and off the water, promoting the event, connecting new parents to the team, transporting riggers and toolbox, manning the spirit wear, welcoming guests, managing the waivers, making food, setting up and breaking down the tent and tables, installing the floating dock, hauling ergs, steering pontoons, flipping burgers, manning the food table, and getting our shells safely back to the Sandy Run boathouse.

Thank you to the Lake Barcroft community for opening your arms to the Stuart Crew team. 

Special thanks to Coach Mike, Coach Al, Coach Rob, and Coach Sergio, and a hearty Stuart Crew welcome to our new Coach Lexie Katz!

The weather was perfect for rowing, the skies blue, and Principal Gros came out to support the team. We could not ask for a better day.

Don’t miss a moment — catch the slideshow here.

Upcoming Events (Mark Your Calendars)

  • We look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night this upcoming Thursday, September 29th. Stop by the Stuart Crew table, and say Hi!
  • Stay tuned for the upcoming annual Wreaths, Poinsettias, and Coffee sales — our major fundraiser of year — and enable the Crew team to put well-coached, competitive rowers and equipment on the water.
  • November 2nd at 7:00 at Stuart Library is our General Interest Meeting (this is a mandatory meeting for new prospects/parents with a 7:30 arrival of returning rowers/parents). Get your forms filled out, hear about the upcoming season, pre-season conditioning.  

Stuart Crew. Rowing Strong for 50 Years.