We’re sponsoring Coach Mike’s 2nd Annual Summer Fitness Challenge to encourage physical activity over the summer break. The challenge will run from June 24th (1st day of summer break) to August 28th (1st day of school).

This year, in addition to running, biking, rowing/erging,and swimming, we’ve added a category that covers time devoted to weightlifting/body circuits/Tabata. Coaches Rob and Sergio are sponsoring a Summer Lifting Program. See their post for more details on summer lifting sessions at Stuart.

Coach Mike’s 2nd Annual Summer Fitness Challenge

WHAT: Run, bike, swim, erg/row, lift/Tabata. Log your distance/time as applicable. Challenge your teammates. Get fit. Get strong.
WHO: All current, eligible Stuart Crew rowers participate
WHEN: June 24th (1st day of summer break) to August 28th (1st day of school)
WHERE: At home, at the gym, at rowing camp, at Stuart High School during Coach Rob’s and Coach Sergio’s Summer Lifting Program
WHY: Because fitness is a year-round commitment. Build strength and endurance now, so we can be strongest for our most competitive spring season yet

Fitness Challenge Basics

  • Make time during each week to do one or more of the listed activities. Five times per week would be great, and you can mix it up between the different activities to keep it interesting.
  • Track your distances for each type of activity and send your weekly tally by activity to the captains by Saturday at 5 pm (Note: you must do this weekly; don’t wait until the end of the summer). 
  • Rowing done as part of a summer program counts too. Ask your coach to provide a distance estimate each day. Also, rowers and runners can use http://onthegomap.com/#/create to determine their distances.
  • If you achieve a personal best in any measured distance during the week, like a 2K erg, a mile run, or a 100-meter swim, be sure to include that in the note to the captains.
  • Accomplishments, including weekly leaders and PRs, will be posted on the website on Sunday.

Sample Personal Logging Chart


Work Hard, Feel Great, and Win a Prize, too

At the end of the summer, we’ll award a $25 gift card to the rower with the highest final total in each of the 5 categories, as well as an “all around” award.

This is a great time of year to work on improving your aerobic base … running, biking, erging, and swimming are good for that. To get the most benefit, aim to raise your heart rate into the 145 to 160 beats-per-minute range for at least 45 minutes per workout. Weight room sessions will give you chance to work on strength. Make sure to include stretching to improve flexibility.

Rise to the Challenge — Beat 2016

Last summer as a group we recorded 2.2 million meters of rowing, erging, running, swimming, and biking. How about boys vs girls this year … which group will log the most?

Get strong, Stuart rowers.
Coaches Mike, Rob, Sergio

Stuart Crew. Rowing Strong for 50 Years.