In order to increase performance in the Spring racing season, rowers need to develop more muscle mass and power in the off-season. As noted by Coach Mike, we do not have enough time to build raw power during winter training and spring racing months. With this in mind, Coaches Sergio Jimenez and Rob Walker will be running a Summer Lifting Program for all returning rowers over the summer months.

Guided Lifting Plan

These lifting sessions will not only make rowers stronger for the spring, but can help them make gains in their other sports and activities throughout the whole school year. Participating athletes will be required to track their progress throughout the week on a guided lifting plan that they will print and take with them to each session. Athletes will be completing 4 – 6 sessions per week, each session being 1 – 1.5 hours long. At the end of the summer, the coaches will collect the athletes weight sheets to review and reward progress. Lifting safety and procedures will be reviewed in the first few sessions at the start of the summer.

Access to School Weight Room

The school weight room will be available for use with adult supervision. Coaches Sergio and Rob will lead different sessions on different days to accommodate athletes’ schedules. If students have another gym that they would prefer to use (i.e., Gold’s Gym, Planet Fitness, etc.) they may, but will still be required to complete the lifts detailed on the spreadsheet. If students need a spreadsheet(s) printed, please see Coach Rob this week.

The following is the projected weekly schedule for lifting sessions. Athletes should plan to attend at least 4 sessions per week with a maximum of 6 per week. If there are scheduling conflicts, please notify your captains. If lifting sessions need to be rescheduled, this will be posted on Twitter by either Coach Rob (@CoachWalker91) or Sergio (@SERGIOJ1216).

Summer Fitness challenge starts Saturday, June 24th

First lifting session is on Wednesday, June 28th


Monday: Walker 6:30 am
Tuesday: Walker 6:30 am
Wednesday: Walker 6:30 am / Jimenez 5:00 pm
Thursday: Walker 6:30 am / Jimenez 5:00 pm
Friday: Jimenez 5:00pm
Saturday: Walker/Jimenez 8:00 am

NOTE: Lift on your own: July 2–8 and July 31–August due to Red Days.

See you in the weight room!
Coaches Rob Walker and Sergio Jimenez

Download Stuart Crew Lifting Summer 2017 grid


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