It’s that time of year again: our biggest fundraiser, the wreaths, poinsettias and coffee sale.

The routes are ready and the online store is open at Sales continue through Oct. 30. (Delivery date, so you can plan to be available, is Dec. 2.)

We expect each rower to participate in at least three routes at some point during the month.

Here are the things you need to be doing this month for this sale:
2. If you can’t fit in three routes on those dates, send Ms. Mullane a note so we can give you route(s) (perhaps your own neighborhood and perhaps with a teammate) to do afternoons or next weekend. Please realize that if you take a route packet, you are committing to do the route. If you don’t, the team loses the opportunity to make the money from that route, and some of these routes fund a lot of bus trips or other team expenses.
*3. Let your friends and neighbors (particularly those who live outside of the Stuart community) know they can order online at
Parents, those asterisked items are ones that we ask you can take part in as well.