Hello Stuart Crew Supporters:

Now is the perfect time to consider gift cards for stocking stuffers, for those hard-to-please and as a Thank You for that person who has been special all year. You can get those gift card through the Scrip Program. Below are a small sample of participating stores (and their fundraising percentages):

FootLocker  (9%)

Ulta (4%)

Starbucks (9%)

Panera (9%)

iTunes (5%)

PLUS, order gift cards for Chipotle to use at our fundraiser on Dec 13 from 4–8 PM. Double-win.

I will place orders for gift cards this Wednesday (November 30), so please email Sonja your order by 9 PM tonight, Nov 30. It REALLY helps the kids and the crew program. Go to www.shopwithscrip.com to see all of the participating merchants.

Standing orders need no response.

Thank you for your support of JEB Stuart Crew.


Stuart Crew. Rowing Strong for 50 Years.