Hi Stuart Crew Supporters:

Brrrrrrr … this weather is keeping us inside. But there is plenty to do: baking cookies, drinking hot chocolate, going to the movies, or shopping for winterizing supplies at Home Depot. If you use gift/grocery cards purchased through Stuart Crew, you can be comfortable and entertained, AND support the rowing team.
Some participating retailers, and the percentage of your purchase that they give to the team:
Giant (4%)
Home Depot (4%)
AMC Movie Theaters (8%)
Starbucks (7%)
To place your order on Monday 1/8/2018 by 9 pm, please email parent volunteer Sonja Schrock with your order; here is a link for all participating retailers (including restaurants): https://shop.shopwithscrip.com/Shop/Product/Browse
Standing orders need not reply.
Stuart Crew. Rowing Strong for 50 Years.