Our first scheduled competition, the Polar Bear Regatta, is next Saturday, March 24th. Based on the current forecast the regatta could have a polar feel to it … as could some of the training days this week. Please make sure you’re appropriately dressed with layers and spare clothes. For the latest info you can follow the team on Twitter. Rowers, stay in contact with the captains so you don’t miss news of practice changes. 

The week after the Polar Bear is spring break. There will not be a regatta on March 31st, but we will continue to train over the break. For that week we’ll switch to carpools and start training at 3:30 pm. We’ll also train on Wednesday that week.

If you have known absences in the next two weeks, make sure you notify your captains and coaches. The coaches make entry decisions for regattas on Tuesdays, which I enter and pay for on Wednesdays. If the team scratches an entry after the Wednesday deadline there is no refund. 

This first regatta will not include novice entries. Our novices will get their first chance to compete at the April 7th regatta. The coaches view all regattas as team events and ask all rowers to participate. If you’re not slated to compete that day there is always a chance that a last-minute Illness or injury may require a late substitution. For the Polar Bear, it will be a good opportunity for our novices to see how a regatta is run. There is always a need for extra hands to help with boat preparation, as well as launching and recovering boats.

See you tomorrow …
Coach Mike 

Stuart Crew. Rowing Strong for More Than 50 Years.