The regatta is still on for tomorrow. It will be COLD … please dress for the weather and bring extra clothes.

Here is the link to the 2nd release of the schedule at VASRA. This could change, so check the VASRA site (or follow them on Twitter @vasraresults) for the latest info before coming to the site. Follow @stuartHScrew on Twitter as well. 

Coaches/Coxswains/Lightweights … note the meeting and weigh-in times. This is a large regatta, and there will be more early traffic — give yourself extra time to make your scheduled meetings.

Families and fans, follow @VASRAParking for the latest.

The entered lineups are below. Some of the novice men are unavailable, so we were unable to enter the men’s novice 8 and chose to enter a 4 instead.

M-1x Steven Mullane                                                                               

M-2x Liam DeVan, Long Luu

M-1-4x Julian Cruz, Warner Gates, Kurt Finkenstaedt, Charles Haver

W-1-4x Brooke Carmody, Julienne Chollette, Mackenzie Wiley, Pasha McGuigan

W-2-4x Margaret Turner, Helina Mesfin, Vivian Tran, Noorah Aldaghlas

M-LT-4 Caroline Reze, Noah Taylor, Brandon Tran, Jimmy Sidney, Markus Ferrell

M-N-4 Lleymi Orozco-Lopez, Elisha Watson, John Coronado Cortes, Drake Latham, Lincoln Trissell

W-N-4 Heidy Mendez-Salvador, Natalie Khan, Layton Haren, Destinae Latham, Soliana Calderon

See you at the boathouse …
Coach Mike