Congratulations to our competitors yesterday, especially our novice rowers who had their first chance to race. My thanks to the parents who supported the team with food and cheering … and filling volunteer positions. Many of you know the results from the Twitter stream yesterday … if not, I’ve listed the finish order for our events below.

M-1x (2nd) Steven Mullane

M-2x (3rd) Liam DeVan, Long Luu

M-1-4x (3rd) Julian Cruz, Warner Gates, Kurt Finkenstaedt, Charles Haver

W-1-4x (3rd) Brooke Carmody, Julienne Chollette, Mackenzie Wiley, Pasha McGuigan

W-2-4x (4th) Margaret Turner, Helina Mesfin, Vivian Tran, Noorah Aldaghlas

M-LT-4 (2nd) Caroline Reze, Noah Taylor, Brandon Tran, Jimmy Sidney, Markus Ferrell

M-N-4 (2nd) Lleymi Orozco-Lopez, Elisha Watson, John Coronado Cortes, Drake Latham, Lincoln Trissell

W-N-4 (2nd) Heidy Mendez-Salvador, Natalie Khan, Layton Haren, Destinae Latham, Soliana Calderon

Ms Gioseffi has already posted pictures [click the videos to play]. Thanks for the tireless efforts to capture the action!

The weather looks better this week. It may even reach 80 by Saturday.

The Darrell Winslow Regatta is next — this will be a large event as well. Coaches will decide on lineups for this regatta on Tuesday … make sure you tell your coach tomorrow if you will be unable to compete.

See you at the boathouse …
Coach Mike

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