Regatta Volunteer Positions

Crew runs on parent support. Your support is greatly appreciated! Regatta Volunteer Positions are critical to the success of the each and every regatta. Each school is assigned a number of positions that are required to be filled or the club is fined. There is a place for everyone!

All parents are expected to help at the regattas, fulfilling at least one job per season. Except for boat drivers, none of the jobs require special skills, and all are supervised by permanent VASRA volunteers with substantial experience on the job. Click link below for job descriptions.


Click here to sign up for a VASRA position.

You MUST sign in at the VASRA Sign-in desk, under a tent near the boathouse, at least 20 minutes before your job starts (more if it will take you a while to walk to the Finish Line). Please factor in time for parking and shuttling to the river if necessary. If you have an afternoon shift, you may sign in for it in the morning so that you can spend your time elsewhere.

If you sign up for a regatta position and then don’t show up or show up but forget to sign in, the club will be fined $50, which will be passed on to you. More importantly, the race may not take place if your position is an essential one.

If something comes up and you cannot show up for your job, please contact us, as soon as possible and at least one day in advance, so an alternate can be found.


VASRA Volunteer Job Descriptions

The general meeting in the fall is a great opportunity to ask crew booster parents about the jobs they have fulfilled. A first-hand account provides insight into the written job description, so you will know how you want to volunteer.


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