Be a Part of JEB Stuart Crew!

The JEB Stuart Crew Team has a 50-year tradition. It is one of the oldest high school rowing programs in the Northern Virginia area. The team welcomes all interested Stuart students, regardless of prior experience or class year.

Open Houses and Interest Meetings

Give rowing a try at our Open House, usually held on Lake Barcroft in late September or early October.

The team holds two interest meetings, usually one in November and one in February. You can meet the coaches, learn more about the sport of rowing, and get more details on the JEB Stuart Crew Team.

See Calendar for information on specific dates and locations, posted as information becomes available.


All rowers must complete a registration application. We begin planning for the season in December and start winter-season conditioning in November, so we ask that you submit your registration form by November 15 for the following spring season.

Turn in the completed application to the Crew Booster mailbox (in Stuart’s Main Office). Or, if you’ve left enough time, mail your application to:

Crew Booster Registrar
JEB Stuart Crew Boosters
P.O. Box 2377
Falls Church, VA 22042

A current physical must also be on file with the Stuart Athletic Trainers office before a student may take part in any practices.


JEB Stuart Crew is a club sport. Like other club sports, the families of the participating athletes run and support it.

Rowers’ annual fees help pay for coaches’ salaries, insurance, bus transportation, regatta fees, boat maintenance and storage, and other seasonal expenses.

Fees for the 2016–17 season are $775 for each rower. Fees are due with the registration form. You can pay in full at that time or pay the first of three equal installments. (The second payment is due by Jan. 15 and the third by Feb. 15.) There will be a $25 late fee for any payment received after Feb. 15. A rower may not be able to take part in on-the-water training and competition if any fees are still owed.

Rowers participating in post-season competitions, which are akin to regional and state championships in other sports, may be assessed fees to cover the travel expenses (transportation, hotel and food) associated with these events.

Financial Assistance

The Boosters want every interested student to be able to row. If you cannot pay the full fees, complete the last page of the registration form. Limited funding means we may not be able to help everyone who needs aid. But we will work with you to secure scholarships or fee waivers to the greatest extent possible. Financial assistance may also be requested to help cover expenses related to post-season competition.


The JEB Stuart Crew Boosters strive to keep fees low to encourage more students to be a part of the team. As a result, fees cover only half of our regular season expenses. Fundraising helps make up the rest and allows the team to replace boats, boat parts, outboard motors, trailers, and oars. All team members are expected to take part in team fundraisers throughout the year. Our fundraisers include car washes, restaurant fundraisers, wreathes & poinsettia sales, and more.

Parental Involvement

Parents are an essential part of the JEB Stuart Crew Team. As the Crew Team Boosters, parents make crucial decisions relating to the team. They provide vital manpower, from equipment maintenance to fundraising management. Parents fill small roles, such as regatta volunteering and car pool driving, as well as larger roles, including Booster board positions. Because we are a small team, each family should expect to take on multiple volunteer tasks.


Practices are usually held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The coach will sometimes schedule a Saturday practice.

Conditioning and land training begin in November for the following spring season. All students not involved in winter-season sports should attend winter conditioning. Students taking part in winter-season sports should attend as their other sports schedule allows.

Water training begins on Lake Barcroft in mid to late February, weather permitting. In mid-March, practice moves to Sandy Run Regional Park.

Transportation to Practices

Rowers are responsible for getting to and from practices held at Stuart High School or at Lake Barcroft on their own. Generally practices on Lake Barcroft run from 3:30 pm until about 6 pm.

The team travels by bus to practices at Sandy Run, except during spring break and the post-season competition period. The bus generally leaves Stuart about 3:15 pm and returns about 7:15 pm. During spring break and for post-season practices, parents provide car pools to and from practices.


The first regatta (competition) takes place in mid-March.

Most of the regattas in which Stuart Crew competes take place at Sandy Run Regional Park, one of the premier courses in the area. Regattas are on Saturdays. Rowers may need to report as early as 5:30 a.m., or their boat may be scheduled to race in the afternoon. Draft schedules are available a few days before the regatta.

Transportation to Regattas

Rowers are responsible for getting to and from regattas held at Sandy Run on their own. For regattas held at non-local venues during the regular season, the Boosters will arrange transportation in the form of chartered buses or parent-driven car pools. Travel to/from and accomodations at special events post-season (i.e., Stotesbury Cup, NSRA Nationals, SRAA Nationals) are the responsibility of the rower and family, generally in the form of parent-driven car pools and reserved hotel room blocks.


Novice (first-year) rowers receive a uniform as part of the dues. The uniform becomes the rower’s property and can be worn for the rest of his or her JEB Stuart rowing career. Returning rowers who need to replace a worn or outgrown uniform may purchase one before the start of the season.

Safety/Swim Test

JEB Stuart Crew follows all safety guidelines as established by the US Rowing Association. All rowers must pass a swim test before they can take part in on-the-water practice. A coach or other training instructor will administer the swim test in January or early February.


Email the Boosters at with any questions.