Using the U.S. Olympic Committee’s SafeSport program to reduce misconduct

USRowing, the national governing body that oversees VASRA and other rowing communities across the country, has asked all member institutions, including schools with rowing programs, to develop a team‐specific SafeSport program. SafeSport is a national program developed by the U.S. Olympic Committee in an effort to reduce the incidence of misconduct, including bullying, hazing and emotional misconduct, as well as physical misconduct and sexual abuse.

This document makes use of SafeSport resources in the effort to create a SafeSport program for the JEB Stuart Crew team that seeks to protect EVERYONE involved in Stuart’s rowing program. The following pages are taken directly from the U.S. Olympic Committee’s SafeSport website. Because the resources provided are one‐size‐fits‐all documents, we have made changes as appropriate to reflect the nature of Stuart’s Crew team.

On these pages you will find:

  • An introduction to SafeSport provided by the U.S. Olympic Committee
  • Six strategies regarding ways to recognize, reduce and respond to misconduct
  • A link (or printed URL) for additional resources:

Please review the material below and do your part to make sure that all participants — students, volunteers, coaches, etc. — can enjoy this great sport of rowing without concern about the harmful consequences of misconduct.

 Click to read the JEB Stuart Crew SafeSport Policy