Workout Plan

This page contains some background info to support team off-season workout efforts. If possible try to get together in groups for mutual support.

The Concept2 training video below is a good review before erging at home.

Basic Rowing Stroke Video


The handout below contains sample exercises that we’ve done (along with others) in previous conditioning sessions. The exercises can be combined into body circuits or into Tabata (high intensity interval) workouts. See the sample workout below for one example of a Tabata workout. You can also find some good Tabata workouts online, along with Tabata timer apps for smartphones.


Sample Body Circuits

Erin’s Tabata Workout

Pasha’s Tabata Workout

Remember to stretch before and after exercising … always warmup some first.  

Stretching for Indoor Rowing

The two figures below illustrate expected erg scores for team members who want to be in a competitive boat.

Competitive 2K Erg Times for Stuart Women 

Competitive 2K Erg Times for Stuart Men

 Winter Conditioning starts mid-November and runs through February. The link below will take you to the currents season’s plan which contains a number of erg workouts and a calendar of activities.

Winter Conditioning Plan (2017–2018)

 Scenes from winter conditioning 2015, view slideshow.


One example workout is below … feel free to substitute exercises if you have favorites.

Stick to the on/off/rest time and do vigorously to achieve some aerobic benefit as well. For those with smart phones, there are lots of Tabata timer apps.

Warm-up – 2 minutes of Jumping Jacks

Stretch – 5 minutes of light stretching

Workout – Tabata (sets of paired exercises, done for 20 sec with 10 sec off – do pair 4 times/take a 1 min break

1st Pair – Pushups/Crunches (5 min)

Pushups – 20 sec; 10 sec rest

Crunches – 20 sec; 10 sec rest

Repeat 3 more times … than rest 1 mi

2nd Pair – Jumpies/Scullers (Sculling Sit-ups) (alternate exercises as above – 5 min)

3rd Pair – Mountain Climbers/Back Extensions (Supermans) (5 min)

4th Pair – Squat Thrusts/Planks (5 min)

5th Pair – Standard Squats/Bridges (like reverse plank – on back with feet flat on floor, raise butt to create “bridge”) (5 min)

6th Pair – V-Crunches/Lunges (5 Min)

7th Pair – Wall Sits/Compass Jumps (start in center of “compass” … jump N, back to center; jump S, back to center, etc) (5 min)

Add pairs or repeat pairs if you’d like. When done, do at least 10 minutes of good stretching.

PDF to print and hang on your fridge.